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ONU Held High School Model United Nations Simulation

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Department of History, Politics and Justice organized the Ohio Northern University High school Model United Nations simulation on Saturday October 2. A record number of 141 delegates from 11 high schools in Ohio representing 47 states participated in the simulation. The Model UN simulation provides students with an exciting way to learn about how international actors use the United Nations forum to address global problems. It offers an educational experience outside the classroom while it familiarizes students with international affairs. Participants develop and exercise a wide range of important skills, especially public speaking and research. It provides students with an understanding of the role of the United Nations in world politics. This UN simulation is designed to reinforce the basic principles of the United Nations, such as maintaining international peace and security, developing better relations among nations based on respect, equal rights and self determination of peoples. It provides delegates practical skills such as parliamentary procedure, writing resolutions, public speaking, and negotiating and coalition formation. It entails role playing, some caucusing and lobbying skills and the ability to formulate policy positions. The delegates representing preselected member countries, and in three committees, deliberated and passed resolutions on current three key global problems in the UN General Assembly. The first Committee deliberated and passed resolutions to eliminate the global menaces of terrorism and piracy. The second issue also garnered much work and interest, as the second committee addressed the problem of human rights violations against women and children during civil wars such as the Darfur case. Delegates deliberated and passed resolutions to protect them. The third committee addressed the problem of nuclear proliferation and global security, especially the threat posed by North Korea and Iran. Delegates passed resolutions for effective monitoring, implementation of the Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) and disarmament. The committees were chaired by ONU students: Kelly Morman , Brandon Bryant, and Zachary Esterline and judged and evaluated by faculty members of the Department of History, Political Science and Criminal Justice and Department of Modern languages. Delegates were initially welcomed by the Dean Arts and Sciences and also toured ONU campus.

William Henry Harrison High School, representing Morocco won the outstanding recognition award. Bowling Green High School representing Sudan and Romania won the second and third positions respectively. Maumee Valley Country Day School representing Italy won the fourth position while Clay High School representing Germany won the fifth position.