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Social Studies Students Meet for Pizza

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Social Studies students gathered at Dr. Crawford's house for pizza and enlightenment during the third week of classes. The pizza was supplied by Crawford, while the enlightenment was provided by Jennifer Bazell and Katherine Gualtiere, who are doing their student teaching this quarter. Jennifer, who is at Kenton HS, and Katherine, who is at Riverdale HS, told the students of their adventures so far as student teachers. The experienced students also shared tips with the new students on how to effectively make their way through the program at ONU. Fortunately, the deck, that Dr. Crawford built with the help of friends and family, was able to stand up under the stress.

The social studies candidates will meet at least once per quarter, to build esprit des corps, and to hear the tales of those who have experienced the next step in the process toward becoming a teacher.