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Phi Beta Detla Talk: What is Pakistan? Pakistan Today

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Phi Beta Delta, the International Scholars Honorary hosted a talk titled "What is Pakistan? Pakistan Today" on Thursday March 25 in the Dicke Forum. The talk by Dr. Munir Ahmad of the Dosti Welfare Organization was organized by Professor Loughlin and Jessica Wineburg, an ONU graduate.

Dr. Ahmad's talk told the audience about the history of Pakistan, which was founded because two peoples - the Hindus and the Muslims - couldn't live together in harmony in a single country. Dr. Munir Ahmad discussed this schism, and other highlights of Pakistan's colorful history - how the various peoples who have made their mark on Pakistan over the years have left political and aesthetic legacies that belie the impression we get from the media. Dr. Ahmad created the Dosti Welfare Organization to deliver private aid to his nation of birth, and they are particularly active in raising funds to help Pakistani's build schools.