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PBD: Students Present on their Study Abroad Experiences

Monday, December 21, 2009



Phi BetaDelta sponsored a talk by students who took advantage of the study abroad opportunities available for ONU students. Students who presented on their adventures included Derek Schneider who studied in Germany, Juli

a Tabaj who spent a year in China, Jamie Cochran who traveled to Spain, and Travis Eddington who went to South

Korea last summer.

Despite having a trip from Hell to arrive in Luneburg Germany, Schneider loved his experience and made several friends among the students there and also travel

ed widely in Europe. Tabaj spent a year in Chengdu China, and loved her experience. Chengdu is the center of Panda country and also home to the spiciest food in China. Cochran also traveled widely in Spain and throughout Europe and learned significantly improved her Spanish while staying with a family there. Eddington had great experiences during his short stay in Korea, which included significant press attention when he and other ONU students had the opportunity to dress as Korean royalty - see August blog and David Smith's Hanyang U blog.

Each of the students were very positive about the opportunities they gained access to by studying abroad and came home with experiences and memories that will last them a lifetime.

Scott Couchman, the Graduate Coordinator for ONU Study Abroad Opportunities, encouraged students to contact him if interested in such opportunities. And, in a shameless plug, Professor Crawford will be teaching a history class in Chengdu, China next summer!