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Featured B.E.A.R.S.

B.E.A.R.S. members comment on their "Northern" experience:


If you would like to contribute your thoughts on YOUR Ohio Northern University experience, please contact and we will gladly send you a questionnaire. Pending your approval, your responses could appear in University print publications or electronic media.

"The Career Placement Center helped me attain my first full-term subbing job. I have been a teacher for over 14 years."
- April (LeVan) Hodge, BA '93

"I am a pretty firm believer that you develop your true core values early on in life, and they are either enhanced of diminished by your experiences. For me, my core values are being honest and expecting honesty from others, loyalty to myself and others, and achieving excellence in all that I do. I feel as though ONU helped me enhance these three core values in the opportunities with which I was presented while on campus."
-Bruce Hammond, BA '01

"ONU gave me the necessary tools to lead a successful life: independence, knowledge, responsibility and friendship."
-Denise (Zucker) Iams, BA '73

"My ONU education was the proverbial third leg of the three-legged stool. It proved to me that education is the foundation of opportunity; that quality
people are the heart and soul of any organization; and whatever you give to others will return to you."
-Dan Dumbauld, BA '67, BSBA '06

"The three words I think of when I recall Ohio Northern University are: pride, memories and friendships."
-Maria Giannakos Whitacre, PharmD '05

"My first impression of Northern: I was so impressed by the history and prestige of the University, the friendliness of the staff I met, and the beautiful, clean, safe community."
-Sondra (Akers) Adkinson, BSPh '80

"Manners, support and integrity was the prevailing theme, plus respect for all."
-Sally Kaminski, BA '64

"The facilities and programs have been significantly expanded since I graduated almost 30 years ago, but it doesn't appear that the personal interest which the faculty show in the students has changed at all."
-Roy Stype, III, BSEE '78

"Northern taught me how to learn and enjoy learning."
-Loyal Charles, BA '75

"As with most college students, my time at ONU was my first time away from home. Being there, gave me the confidence that I could succeed on my own."
-Jeff Borowy, BSCE '85

"ONU reinforced values that had been fundamental in my upbringing. ONU is where I found my life's mate."
-Janet (Ward) Hoopes, BSPh '70

"ONU is a pleasant, small University with competent faculty."
-David Braithwaite, BA '49 

"The friendships I made at ONU will last a lifetime; not just with my peers. The professors truly care and I consider them friends. I stay in touch with some of my professors to this day."
-Luke Braun, BSBA '05

"I made lifelong friends at ONU. We grew up together, laughed together, and supported each other not only at ONU, but in the real world."
-Jennifer (Kaminski) Amburn, BA '01

"My education helped me in all phases of my teaching career."
Ann (Melkerson) Beal, BSEd '61

"Since I graduated in 1997, the campus has gone through an extreme makeover. What has remained the same is the small community feeling. When I attended alumni events, I get that feeling again and wish I could go back and spend another four years in Ada!"
-Chris Batdorf, BSME '97

"ONU gave me the opportunity to see the world just as big as it really was. ONU facilitated my joining a program where I spent my junior year studying in Basel, Switzerland. It must have had quite an impact on me, because when I graduated, I joined the Peace Corps and went to work in Bolivia for two years."
-Bill Sherry, BA '68 

"The three words I think of when I recall ONU: that's my school."
-Mary (Lucas) Howell, BSEd '63

Interview with B.E.A.R.S. Member Phil Lindberg, '86

Philip “Phil” Lindberg, '86, has found a way to give back to Ohio Northern while impacting the next generation of Polar Bears.  Beginning in the fall of 2007, Phil began to represent ONU at the college fairs in his area through the Alumni B.E.A.R.S. program.  Phil said, “I’ve talked about the Ohio Northern experience with other people living in my area – but this opportunity made me really think about how valuable my time at Northern was – and how different it is compared to many schools that local high school students talked about attending. I decided the Alumni B.E.A.R.S program was a perfect opportunity to help share this story.” 

The Alumni B.E.A.R.S. program has become a growing program throughout the ONU alumni family.  Within the College Fair Representation activity, alumni volunteer their time to assist in sharing their story of ONU at various college fairs in their surrounding area.  Potential students and parents alike realize that there is something different when alumni are sharing their story.  Unlike recruiting officers from other universities, alumni are there because they want to share why Ohio Northern is different.  Phil found it very interesting how many people truly listened to what he had to say about ONU.  People attending the college fairs realized that he was not volunteering his time because he had to, but because he believed in Ohio Northern.  This has made a big impact on the reputation of ONU among prospective students.

Phil is not the only alumnus involved in the Alumni B.E.A.R.S. program.  Other alumni in his area began to get involved in the program.  They have found that not only has this program helped them to connect with incoming students, but to also branch out and begin to build relationships with other alumni and students in their area.  For ONU students who could potentially end up in the Baltimore area, (Phil’s geographic region) they are already encouraging them to become involved in the Alumni B.E.A.R.S program after they graduate! 

Phil has found out that his time is not only beneficial to the potential students attending these college fairs, but also to Ohio Northern University.  The Admissions Office has been very appreciative of the time and effort that he has put into this program.  Once the Admissions Office realized he was interested in helping with the Alumni B.E.A.R.S. program, they mailed him ONU materials for the booth and a training DVD.  “The training materials and DVD were particularly useful – and helped me understand what prospective students and their parents would be interested in learning at a college fair,” said Phil.  After the college fairs, Phil contacts the Admissions Office, offering suggestions for future events and college fairs.  Through this program, he has been able to benefit not only ONU, but prospective students and parents creating a rewarding situation for all of those involved.  

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