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HPSS Alumni

Dear Honored Alumni,

Hello! My name is Courtney Overstreet, and I am the President of Ohio Northern University's Human Performance and Sports Sciences (HPSS) club, formally known as H.P.E.S.S. Club. This club is comprised of the five Human Performance and Sport Sciences majors: Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology, Sports Management, Physical Education, and Health Education. The HPSS club has been active at Ohio Northern University since January 1983. Yearly, we strive to encourage others to participate in the goals of the HPSS department.  This year, the goal for the HPSS club has been to make our club more successful on and off campus. One area we are striving to improve is our alumni-student relations.

We are reaching out to the HPSS alumni in hopes you will reach back. We are interested in you. Together we can continue to help this department grow and build upon the numerous networking possibilities that already exist.  Just to update you, the HPSS club has been very active this academic year. This fall we helped promote Homecoming 2008, built a float for Polar Bear Nation, and participated in the Tailgating Event. This winter we brought a Nintendo Wii to the annual Wellness Fair as a reminder that staying healthy can be fun and interactive. Also, we have helped HPSS faculty and staff get through the long winter days by offering baked goods, with the proceeds going towards HPSS. Currently we are in the process of organizing our 2nd annual "King-Horn Addicts" team to participate in Relay for Life this spring. Because we are in the process of updating our website we will post updates as soon as possible. 

Today, the HPSS department is thriving and it is because of you that we are able to do this.  As students, we are always looking for ways to improve not only ourselves, but also our majors and department. The HPSS club believes we can do this with your help. It is easy to lose track of alumni as they graduate and the years go by. However, we all have Ohio Northern University as a place we can call home. In attempts to close the gap between students and alumni, we have taken steps towards building a relationship. The HPSS club members have nominated a student to represent each major that HPSS represents.  During this process, the club has expressed a desire to know more about HPSS alumni.  If you would please take a few moments to fill out our questionnaire, it would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you for your time!  


Courtney Overstreet

President of HPSS club



Date: ___________________________                            _______

Name: ___________________________                          _______

Year of Graduation: _____________                                     _____

Major/Occupation: _______________________             ________

Address: ____________________________                       ______

Phone Number:    _____________                       ____               __     

Email: ___________                  __                       ____               __     

Interested in Contact? (Circle answer)    YES        or            NO

Check all that apply:

  • ð Would you be interested in being a speaker?
  • ð May we keep you informed about HPSS news?
  • ð May we contact you to explore internship opportunities for ONU students?

Additional Comments:

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Thank you for your time!