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(Frequently asked how-to questions from faculty/staff)


Q: Is there any way to enable other instructors to access course information (class counts, registrations, lists, etc.) that generally only the faculty of record can see?

A: Select the Banner tab in Self-Service Banner. In the top left-hand box it says Banner Self Service. Open that folder and select Faculty & Advisors. The second link is CRN Selection. Click that to open Self Service Banner. You will have to select a term. On the list presented to you are the sections to which you are assigned, but in the bottom center of that page is a link entitled Enter Section Identifier (CRN) Directly. As long as you have the CRN, you can access the section roster no matter who is listed as the faculty of record.


Q: How do I check my class rosters on-line? (Please remember that a student may only attend your class ONE time without being registered.)

A:  Method 1 - Using Banner Quick Clicks
From the Self-Service Banner homepage, move cursor to the bottom left-hand corner and click the drop down labelled "For Faculty." Click on the first option labelled "Class Roster" and follow prompts.
Method 2 - Using the Faculty DashBoard (you must have this installed in order to use this method)
From the Self-Service Banner homepage (unless you installed the DashBoard on another page), click on the group of people icon (when you mouse over it says class list). That will open your class roster. 
For either method, if you wish to print the roster, select the list of students by clicking and dragging your cursor over the complete list. If you find any discrepancies on the class rosters, please send an email containing the pertinent information to Thank you.