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Mechanical Engineering

Learning Objectives

Program Educational Objectives (PEO):

  1. PEO 1: Mechanical-engineering graduates will understand the principles of mechanical engineering.
  2. PEO 2: Upon graduation, mechanical-engineering students will be able to communicate effectively to a variety of audiences.
  3. PEO 3: Upon graduation, mechanical-engineering students will understand the role and impact of mechanical engineering in society.

Program Outcomes (PO):

Each mechanical-engineering graduate will:

  1. PO-1: Be able to apply their knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering fundamentals to solve engineering problems
  2. PO-2: Be able to use a variety of tools (e.g., software packages, analysis tools, manufacturing tools) found in the professional workplace
  3. PO-3: Have a broad understanding of mechanical design principles, thermal and fluid principles, and manufacturing principles
  4. PO-4: Be able to apply the mechanical design process and understand its role in the product realization process
  5. PO-5: Be prepared for professional practice, further studies and graduate school
  6. PO-6: Have completed at least one detailed, in-depth, team design project
  7. PO-7: Be able to design, set up, and conduct experiments, then analyze and draw conclusions from the resultant experimental data
  8. PO-8: Demonstrate effective professional communication skills, including technical writing, oral presentation, technical drawing, and listening skills
  9. PO-9: Have participated as an active member of an engineering design team. When applicable, the team may include various disciplinary backgrounds
  10. PO-10: Be prepared for career-long learning
  11. PO-11: Be prepared to work ethically, professionally and responsibly
  12. PO-12: Have knowledge of contemporary issues and an understanding of how mechanical engineering relates to society
  13. PO-13: Have gained knowledge of engineering research and industrial practices.
  14. PO-14: Understand and accept that their actions and decisions are to be directed outward for the good of society, rather than inward to their own benefit


  • FE EXAM RESULTS - exam administered by the State Board for Registration of Engineers and Surveyors; results interpreted by department
  • SENIOR PROJECT/CAPSTONE - conducted by department
  • SURVEYS/EXIT INTERVIEWS - conducted annually by department
  • EMPLOYER SURVEYS - conducted every five years by department
  • PLACEMENT RATES - conducted for the department by the Office of Career Services
  • COURSE EXAMINATIONS - conducted in courses by faculty
  • COURSE OBJECTIVE SURVEYS - conducted in courses by faculty
  • PROFESSIONAL SOCIETY ACTIVITIES - group projects and/or presentations

Results from National or State Measures

See the Fact Book for results from the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination.

Annual Reports on the Assessment of Student Learning

Follow the links below to view the full text of the reports for each academic year.




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