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Physical Education

Learning Objectives


  1. Assess individual and school needs for physical education
  2. Implement individual and school services into a comprehensive physical-education program
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of physical-education programs
  4. Act as a resource person for physical education.
  5. Be proficient at instructional planning.
  6. Employ effective and creative teaching methods and strategies
  7. Utilize positive interpersonal skills






The PRAXIS I TEST, which includes the Principles of Learning and Teaching, was completed to enter the education program. The PRAXIS II TEST (physical education content area) was taken prior to the student-teaching experience. As a part of PRAXIS III, written evaluations through the Center for Teacher Education were completed by two supervising teachers, one from the education program and one from the physical-education program, during the student-teaching experience. Also, new assessment procedures are being implemented to comply with recent specifications provided by NCATE.

Annual Reports on the Assessment of Student Learning

Follow the links below to view the full text of the reports for each academic year.



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