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Musical Theatre

Learning Objectives

1. Develop proficiency in craft areas of acting, dance, music and voice
2. Analyze and criticize dramatic and theatrical content
3. Practice and reproduce precise techniques pertaining to the three major craft areas of acting, music and dance
4. Demonstrate skills in incorporating and applying techniques to performance work
5. Adapting performance work to constructive criticism administered by faculty members and guest artists
6. Appraise and identify the roles of theater, music and dance in society
7. Appraise self as a performer and design an effective and appropriate marketing strategy for the individual in the present field


The evaluation of the SENIOR CAPSTONE EXPERIENCE is utilized to determine the degree to which students have obtained the learning objectives for the major.

JURIES are presented each quarter to assess student performance.

    Annual Reports on the Assessment of Student Learning

    Follow the links below to view the full text of the reports for each academic year.


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