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2013 Support Staff Recognition Luncheon

January 1, 2014                              

Today we held the 2013 Support Staff Recognition Luncheon.  The luncheon was served in the Wishing Well at Noon.  This year each honoree was presented with a practical gift plus the afternoon off.  The event will now be held in January each year so that we might recognize those achieving their milestone throughout the entire calendar year.  Below is the listing of those being honored and their corresponding years of service.  Please join me in congratulating each recipient!

40 years:  Sharon Lawrence

35 years:  Deana Oakley, Sharon Hawkins  

30 years:  Dennis Tabor, Della Thompson

25 years:  Brian Castle, Jeanette Hazelton, Diana Manley, Matt Rinehart, Debbie Roehrle, Joyce Shadley, Pam Tenwalde

20 years:  Becky Gainey, Bill Kanzig, Garrett Molands, Gary Park, Nancy Wright, Mitch VanAtta

15 years:  Sharon Castle, Vivian Collins, Lisa Hemry, David Herring, Gayla Holford, Cindy Klingler, Judy Podlesnik, Kay Rettig, Tina Romick, Mark VanAtta, Cathy Vermillion, Tammy Vieira

10 years:  Nancy Ackerman, Amy Clink, Michael Crouse, Joyce Dunham, Brian Emerick, Dan Koontz, Andy Nichelson, Tricia Smith, Kathy Spencer, Sue VanDyne, Nancy Young