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Hiring and Supervising Employees


Position Descriptions

HR maintains all current Position Descriptions (PD) for roles across campus within the PeopleAdmin system.  It is important that the University maintains up-to-date position descriptions for all positions in order to adequately assess an employee’s promotability, eligibility for merit and performance related increases, compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, among many other purposes.  

The Office of Human Resources asks each supervisor on campus to review their departmental position descriptions on an annual basis. This annual review should be done in conjunction with completing the performance goals and objectives each fall. Additionally, any time a supervisory change, position change, or change in duties occurs, the position description should be updated as well.

Click here to be directed to the position management module and log-in using your single sign-on username and password.

For instructions on how to update a position description, please reference the Position Management User Guide below.

Position Management User Guide

Position Description Examples:

Support Staff

Administrative Staff - Intermediate

Administrative Staff - Director

Sample Action Verbs



Click here to be directed to the ONU applicant tracking system, PeopleAdmin.

Hiring Protocols

Requisition User Guide  

Applicant Tracking/Hiring Proposal User Guide

PeopleAdmin Workflows

Please contact Katie Fitzgerald or Tonya Paul with questions regarding position descriptions or the hiring process.


Interview Training

Prior to a search process commencing, all members of the search committee must review the Interview Training PowerPoint.  This training will cover EEOC guidelines and the ONU process.  

Once all materials have been reviewed, each member of the search committee must take the Interview Training Quiz.

Click here to be directed to the Interview Training Quiz.

You must achieve a 100% score before reviewing any applicants.  If you do not achieve a 100% score, please review the Interview Training PowerPoint again and retake the quiz.