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Hiring and Supervising Employees


To begin the hiring process for a new or back-filled position, the Position Requisition Form must be completed and approved by the necessary departments and individuals.  HR will also need an updated Position Description in order post a position. Upon completion and as questions arise, please contact Ashleigh Kahle.
For all internal moves (i.e. title changes, pay increases, departmental transfers, etc.), please complete the Personnel Action Form and submit to HR.  We will then begin the process of obtaining approvals and issuing an update Notice of Appointment.

Position Descriptions

HR maintains all current Position Descriptions (PD) for roles across campus.  It may be necessary to review a PD for evaluations, back-filling a position, promotions, disciplinary action, etc.  Please contact Ashleigh Kahle or Tonya Paul with questions regarding Position Descriptions.

Interview Training

Prior to a search process commencing, all members of the search committee must go through interview training with HR.  The training session lasts about an hour and covers EEOC guidelines and the ONU process.  To schedule a training session, contact Ashleigh Kahle.

Please refer to the HR Moodle Room for valuable managerial training -

Click here for instructions on how to log into the Human Resources Moodle site.