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Meeting Minutes

ONUSA Meeting Minutes


September 21, 2010

Mathile Center, Room 206

Jody King, ONUSA President welcomed everyone and thanked those in attendance. 

Heidi Leek, ONUSA Vice-President announced 3 new associates and ONUSA members but who were unable to attend today:

Cherie Castle, Financial Aid Assistant

Connie Thompson, College of Law Admissions

Stephanie Scoles, College of Business

A fourth associate was in attendance and was introduced to the group:

Jayme Jarrett, Financial Aid

Heidi also shared the new Welcome Gift Bag that is being presented to new

associates after they are hired.  The gift bag contains an ONU mug with

candy and an updated brochure which explains ONUSA and has membership


Be sure to Check out the updated ONUSA website!  New Photos, ONUSA Officers.  We hope to post upcoming event information, news, etc.  Please let us know of any ideas to continue improving the website!

Jody announced the 2010-11 Courtesy, Program and Publicity Committees

Program – Jennifer Briggs, Sandra Elsass, Sharon Purdy (there is still one opening available for

this committee)


                Courtesy (Cards) – Beth Buist

                Courtesy (Welcome Gift) – Amy Clink

                Publicity (Website) – Jane Brown, Lena Smith

                Publicity (Newsletter) – Lindsay Hefner

                Scholarship – Jennifer Snyder (Chair), Cathy Vermillion, Stephanie Scoles, Sharon Badertscher,

                Peggy Flower, Lena Smith


Upcoming Events announced:

Fall Luncheon - Friday, October 29th in the Ballroom,

Brown Bag - Tuesday, November 16 “Understanding Benefits” with Jan in HR

Christmas luncheon will be the week of December 13, date to be determined.

All members then toured Mathile and were taken to the forensic lab, Dennis De Luca spoke about the lab and the Forensic program. 


Ohio Northern University Support Staff Association

Minutes - February 21, 2008

At our brown-bag luncheon held at Biggs Room 207, the following was discussed:


  • TIAA/Cref visits: March 18th Dicke 211 (call for appmt)

  • Support Staff Conference at Bluffton University Wednesday March 5th.

  • March 13th, 2008, comedy night w/ video of Anita Renfro at 5 p.m.   Pizza and pop.

  • Administrative assistant’s day April 23rd

  • Employee appreciation picnic May 22nd

    The ONUSA President (Lori) opened the meeting approximately 12:30 pm, February 21, 2008. 

  • We stepped back a few years at this brown bag by having a slide show from some previous ONUSA events.   Also, sold some ONUSA cookbooks put together in the late 90’s by current and past members and their favorite recipes.  There are still some available for $3.00.  Please contact Lori or Jennifer in Engineering and they can send them out to you in campus mail, and the check can be made out to ONUSA and sent to Rod Moore at Heterick Library.  

  • Lori presented some shirt samples designed by Bill Blass and explained about the ONUSA logo could be in a different color thread that’s commensurate to the color of shirt you buy.  The price should be about $35.00 (including the logo) depending on which brand make you buy.  You can pay when you get the shirt arrives.  For more about ordering a shirt or to see the catalogue, please email or see Lori and Jennifer in Biggs Engineering. The orders hopefully will be ready for the Support Staff Conference in March.

  • We talked about the ONUSA scholarship.  This is the last year for it and we’ll need to vote to continue it for another 5 years at a future official meeting.  It was noted that Lena Smith donated the last $8.00 to make it an even $500.00 from the Klondike raffle sale.

  • If anyone has some ideas of a Spring trip let any officer know and we’ll throw some ideas around at a future meeting.

    Hope to see you at the next get-together at March 13th for comedy night!