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SAHI Scheduled Courses

Art and Design

June 11-16, 2017

Design: Think. Know. Do.

This year’s summer camp will investigate how graphic designers can use their skills and knowledge to draw attention to the environment, using the tree as a symbol and metaphor. Called the “Urban Forest,” students will create street banners and other programs to engage and educate the local community. The design camp also will inform students about careers in design and raise awareness of the impact of design through a series of weeklong projects. The exploration of the design process also will teach students to question, make choices, generate possible solutions, work collaboratively and, ultimately, broaden their understanding of graphic design.



Astronomy and Physics

June 11-16, 2017

Cedar Point Freefall and the Heavens
During this camp, you will gain fundamental knowledge of the principles of physics and solve problems in the context of using critical thinking and inquiry skills of applied physics. There will be spills, thrills and chills – and that’s just the math and science. This camp closely examines the physics behind the scream machines that make our hearts race and stomachs drop. Classroom projects in engineering and physics will provide the basis for the science behind the thrill rides. The course’s “final exam” is a full day at the world’s biggest physics lab – Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Through the astronomy segment of the course, significant time will be devoted to exploring the skies by day and by night.




June 18-23, 2017

Chemistry is Awesome and Has Many Flavors!
Chemistry and its applications are all around us. In this weeklong course, you will be introduced to the sub-disciplines of chemistry (inorganic, organic, physical, analytical and biochemistry) through lecture and extensive hands-on laboratory experiences. Lectures and laboratory activities will focus on illustrating the depth and extent of chemistry in everyday life, ranging from the commercial products an individual uses to how the body reacts to its surroundings. Activities include synthesis, characterization and instrumental analysis of aspirin, acetaminophen and wintergreen; introduction to the fundamentals of spectroscopy and chromatography; and more light-hearted activities such as a titration competition to determine the concentration of iron in vitamins and the preparation of hand lotion (tinting and scenting included).




June 18-23, 2017

Engineering Pathways
Hands-on activities will give you an understanding of basic engineering fields: civil engineering, electrical/computer engineering and mechanical engineering. Classroom and laboratory activities take place in the engineering laboratories on campus. As an example of activities, you might determine the aerodynamic loads on a wing, apply and use strain gauges on a test sample, perform tensile testing on metals, or use programmable logic controllers to control an automated system. Field trips will be taken to local industrial sites, where you will enhance your knowledge of engineering while interacting with professional engineers.



Forensic Science (Basic)

June 11-16, 2017 and JUNE 18-23, 2017

The Crime Scene and Evidence
In this basic crime scene investigation course, you’ll be exposed to many aspects of forensic investigation through lectures on forensic theory and practice with hands-on activities. This includes a day spent at ONU Crime Scene House recognizing and collecting evidence. The week also will emphasize the importance of on-site and field presumptive testing and analysis with final laboratory reports and presentations being the end-work product. Your presentations will be assessed, and feedback will be provided prior to the final presentation.



Forensic Science (Advanced)

June 25-30, 2017

Forensic Lab Science
Exposure to the major probative areas of forensic science will be emphasized, including fingerprint analysis with latent prints collection and examination, DNA analysis, firearms identification, toxicology, and illicit drug chemistry. There will be less emphasis on the crime scene investigation aspect and greater emphasis on laboratory science, although the ONU Crime Scene House will be utilized for collection of evidence to be analyzed. You’ll write laboratory reports, which will be assessed and given feedback.



Human Anatomy and Histology

June 11-16, 2017

Exploring Human Anatomy and Histology
The human body is an incredible living machine. Have you ever thought about how the different tissues and organs are organized to function? In this course, you will explore the human body by looking at tissues and organ systems using three different approaches in anatomy: gross anatomy, histology (microscopic anatomy) and developmental anatomy. Gross anatomy is the “big picture,” and you will explore this level of anatomy by looking at the organ systems in dissections of preserved mammalian specimens. Through the microscope, you will discover the patterns and internal organization of tissues and organs. You will look at many different tissues and organs mounted on microscope slides. The theory and application for histology-slide preparation will be explained in detail. Lastly, you will observe living chicken embryos (a model for the study of animal and human developmental history) for a complete and in-depth understanding of how different organs/systems form.





June 25-30, 2017

Pharmacy for the Future
During the weeklong pharmacy course, you’ll discover the expanding role pharmacists play in improving patient lives. You will gain insight into the various science disciplines involved in the research and development of pharmaceutical products and patient care. This camp will evolve as you first learn the history of pharmacy and then progress through an enriching set of hands-on experiences that will expose you to a vast array of pharmacy disciplines. With the guidance of experienced ONU faculty and health care leaders in the area, you will learn drug modeling, design and development; work in a compounding lab; venture into the field of pharmacy where you will visit multiple pharmacy settings; perform research on drug information; and learn more about the expanding role of pharmacists in patient care, assessment and counseling. Lastly, through hands-on lab and research experiences, you will learn the steps required to manufacture a product and how to counsel patients on the use of medications. All of this will prepare you to present your final project to ONU faculty and your parents.



Sport Sciences

June 18–23, 2017

Sport Sciences and Exercise Physiology

During this camp, you’ll perform hands-on, interactive laboratory experiences of common health, fitness and exercise tests used to determine physical fitness and athletic performance. You’ll measure your own exercise capacities, including aerobic capacity, strength, power, flexibility, movement patterns and body composition, using common exercise physiology laboratory equipment and field tests.

You’ll then compare your values to accepted norms for trained and untrained individuals to determine how your measurements compare to others. Understanding the role of exercise measurements to health and fitness will be reinforced. You will be expected to determine how measured physiological data help to explain the differences in performance between individuals. Measurements also will be used to design appropriate exercise programs for each student at the completion of the labs.





June 11-16, 2017

Hands-On Technology

Innovations and technology abound in your journey from design to construction to demonstration during the Hands-On Technology camp. You will be exposed to a world of inquiry through problem-solving exercises to obtain a deeper understanding of technology in action. Experience hands-on science, technology, engineering and mathematics through the research, design, development, creation and demonstration of a self-controlled robot. Use state-of-the-art 3-D software programs as your team designs your mock-up device. Then create an exciting robot using modern manufacturing technologies and equipment (including 3-D printing and LASER fabrication) to complete a specific task. Join us for a powerful technology camp experience.



June 25-30, 2017


Around the World of Theatre

Do you enjoy participating in theatre, and do you want to take your experience to the next level? Or perhaps you want to get involved in theatre for the first time? Either way, we have a terrific experience to offer! Ohio Northern University’s theatre arts and dance faculty present an introduction to theatre in all its many facets. Not sure what aspect of theatre suits you? We will give you an exciting taste of it all; sessions in acting, dance, voice, and scenic and lighting/sound design will keep you thoroughly engaged. The week will culminate in a field trip to an area professional theatre for a guided tour and a show.