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Writing Center Staff


Rand Abdullatef
Biology and biochemistry major / Medical humanities minor

Hi everyone! While I come from a scientific background, I love reading and writing. Whether you have no idea how to begin a paper or you're done and just need someone to look it over, I am ready to help. Writing is an essential method of communicating, so it is imperative to develop effective skills. It doesn't matter if you're writing a short story, a persuasive research paper or an email to your professor, the Writing Center can assist you with any writing need. See you soon!


Zach Bragg
Environmental and field biology major / Psychology minor

Hello! I am excited and ready to help you with any of your writing needs. This is my third year at the Writing Center. While I am a biology major (and can certainly help with academic papers), I am also well-versed in critical analysis and literary synthesis. I have written and edited writing of all sorts, from research papers to poetry, so do not hesitate to come in if you have any questions. We can work on questions as simple as comma placement or as difficult as restructuring a paper. Any help you need with your writing, I can provide!


Olivia D'Agostino
Creative writing and Spanish major / Psychology minor

My life revolves around reading and writing in both English and Spanish. I've written several books and have even had a few articles, short stories and poems published, including one that I wrote in Spanglish. While fiction and poetry are my preferred genres, I have a lot of practice writing and revising academic papers as well. I'm a grammar nerd and love to help others improve their writing, so I'm happy to answer your complicated questions or to help you practice skills as simple as using a semicolon (my favorite punctuation mark!). This is my first year as a writing tutor, and I can't wait to see you in the Writing Center!



Charis Kasler
Chemistry and pre-med major

Hi! I am a junior chemistry and pre-med major. I am very excited to be a part of the Writing Center! Even though my background is in the natural sciences, I have always loved writing and am able to help you with papers across a variety of disciplines. Whether your paper just needs to be polished or you haven’t started and want help brainstorming, I will be happy to assist you. I became a tutor in the Writing Center because I want to help you become more confident as a writer and hopefully make the writing process less daunting.


Kelley Lewis
Literature and creative writing major / Communication studies minor

Hello everyone! I am a senior and have completed my capstone project. I would love to use what I've learned to help you with any critical writing you may be doing. I am also one of the editors-in-chief of Polaris, the literary magazine on campus, and I would really enjoy giving feedback on any fiction, nonfiction or poetry you are working on. Regardless of what you are writing, I would be glad to help you and look forward to discussing your writing with you!



Dan McMullen
Mechanical engineering major

In addition to being a senior mechanical engineer with a concentration in aeronautics, I am also a former ONU baseball player. I have always found the sciences to be interesting, and my knack for writing has been especially helpful in my scientific courses. I am here to help engineering students in their first-year intro classes to ensure that each paper is clear and concise. However, if you have writing assignments in other classes, I am more than capable of assisting you, as I have taken a multitude of high-level English classes throughout the years of my continuing education.


Alex Miller
Pharmacy major / Spanish minor

Although my passion is pharmacy and science, I would love to help you with any type of writing. Additionally, with a Spanish minor, I can assist you with Spanish compositions. As a tutor, my ultimate goal is to help you look and sound your best on paper. Whether we work on developing fascinating ideas or writing with phenomenal mechanics, I look forward to helping you improve and hone your writing skills.


Emily Richards
Chemistry and professional writing major / Multimedia journalism minor


Hi! I am a junior and a member of the ONU cross country and track teams. I have experience in many forms of writing and can help you with lab reports, journalism articles, essays, speeches, cover letters, résumés and other general papers. I believe that effective writing is an essential skill across all disciplines and in life in general, and for that reason, I am eager to help you expand your knowledge and skill sets in the field of writing. I look forward to your visit!

Jules Vachon
Public relations major / Psychology minor

Hello! I am a senior at ONU and outside of the Writing Center, I am the public relations chair for Delta Zeta as well as a member of President's Club. I love writing, and I am more than willing to help you with any of your writing needs, whether that be grammar, structure or anything else to make your papers the best they can be! I hope that with me as your tutor, you will be able to walk out of our sessions with not only an improved paper, but also a better understanding of how to improve papers on your own for years to come. I look forward to working with you!


Jake Webb
Mechanical engineering major / Applied mathematics minor

I'm a junior, and this is my second year as a writing tutor. Along with academics, I am the president of the BattleBots team. We design a new fighting robot each year to compete against other schools. Although I like building things and playing with robots, I also enjoy writing, and I hope that I can help you feel the same way. I specialize in writing technical reports, synthesis essays and engineering memos, but I'm ready to help with any of your writing needs. Writing is very important because it is the fundamental way to communicate in the professional world, and I'm happy to help you improve your writing however I can!


McKenzie Wilson
Communication studies and Spanish major / Multimedia journalism minor

I'm a writing tutor who has a weakness for bad puns and acoustic versions of songs. To me, writing is the most influential way to communicate your ideas, thoughts and feelings on a subject. As a tutor, my objective is to assist you in the progression of your writing skills. I am well-versed in writing essays, journalistic articles, speeches and more. Whether you're struggling with the topic, fluidity or organization of your paper, I'd love to help!


Support Staff

Justine Post, 

I am in my third year of directing the Writing Center at ONU. I am excited to be part of such a diverse team that is dedicated to helping students across all majors and at all levels of experience develop their writing. I hope that you will find the Writing Center a space that both supports and challenges you to become a better writer, and that you benefit from the wide range of experiences that our tutors have to offer. If you have any questions or suggestions, I would love to hear from you!

Ph.D. English and Education, The University of Michigan
M.A. Rhetoric and Composition, North Carolina State University
B.A. English, Millersville University

Sandra Elsass, BSBA ’04,
Advanced administrative assistant

The smile behind the front desk each morning belongs to me, Sandy Elsass. I have worked, taken classes and assisted students at ONU since before most of you were born. I love my job and look forward to scheduling your appointments and making sure your paperwork is processed correctly.

B.S.B.A., Ohio Northern University