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The Capital Leadership Award

Thanks to the generosity of ONU alumni Cheryl McCain Mason, BA '86, and Brett Mason, BSEE '86, the colleges of Arts & Sciences and Engineering are pleased to announce the Capital Leadership Award. The Capital Leadership Award is designed to assist qualified Arts & Sciences and Engineering students in paying for expenses associated with internships and co-operative experiences in the Washington, D.C., area. For simplicity, hereafter the term internship will be used to refer to both types of experiential education experiences.

Submission deadline

Submit the complete application by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, March 14, 2016.


You are eligible to apply for this award if you can answer yes to each of the questions below.

  • Is your primary academic affiliation with either the Getty College of Arts & Sciences or the T.J. Smull College of Engineering?
  • Do you currently possess a GPA of 2.75 or better?
  • Do you intend to complete an internship within the greater Washington, D.C., area?
  • Have you spoken to your academic advisor, and does he or she approve of your intent to complete this internship?
  • Will you have completed 30 or more semester credit hours by the time you begin your internship?
  • Will you have at least one semester remaining on campus after you complete your internship?

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, click here to access the online application.

Past award recipients

2012    LeAnn Clark (psychology; criminal justice)
2012    Haley Wershbale (criminal justice)
2013    Stephanie R. Schottke (forensic biology)
2014    Kelsey Brown (history)
2014    Mary Miller (criminal justice; political science)
2015    Gina Grandillo (political science)
2015    Dexter Ridgway (political sciences; professional writing)

Award obligations

Students selected for this award must maintain their 2.75 or better overall GPA until the beginning of the internship. If the overall GPA drops below 2.75 after the student has been selected for the award but before he or she begins the internship, that student's application may be re-evaluated.

Students selected for this award must complete the internship or return the awarded funds.

Students selected for this award must share their experiences with the ONU community through an approved presentation or activity by the end of the semester following the internship or return the awarded funds.

Any questions?

Please contact one of the members of the Capital Leadership Award committee.

Getty College of Arts & Sciences
Dr. Rob Alexander,, 419-772-2093
Mary Drzycimski-Finn,, 419-772-2987

T.J. Smull College of Engineering
Prof. Laurie Laird,, 419-772-2421