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Seminars for Fall 2016-17

Note: I am leaving off HONR 1001 and HONR 1221 descriptions since they are only for incoming HP students

HONR 2041: Honors Great Works Seminar
Instructor: O’McManus, English
1-1:50 MWF
CRN: 22777
UGE: Effective Communication: Written
UGE: Aesthetics
AS: Humanities (Literature)
BU: One other English
EN: Elective
PH: Literature
A theme of "Wild in the World" with a focus on people and animals/creatures who are borderline wild or perhaps have crossed the line. Identity and transition will be themes within that focus. Includes texts such as: Sir Gawain & the Green Knight, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Kafka's "Metamorphosis".

HONR 2401-Honors Professional Ethics Seminar
Instructor: Dixon, Philosophy
4-4:50 MWF
UGE: Ethical  Responses
AS: Humanities (Philosophy)
BU: Ethics
EN: Professional Ethics
PH: Professional Ethics
Major ethical theories and their application to professions and topics that arise in the professional setting. The role of institutions in ethical theory, the nature of professions, and responsibilities to clients and the public.