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Current Students

Seminars for Fall 2017-18

Note: I am leaving off HONR 1001 and HONR 1221 descriptions since they are only for incoming HP students

HONR 2041: Honors Great Works Seminar: Authority and Resistance
Instructor: Dowland, English
2-2:50 MWF
CRN: 22777
UGE: Knowledge of the principles of aesthetics
AS: Humanities (Literature)
BU: One other English
EN: Gen Ed Elective
PH: Literature
The conflict of “man versus society” is a common theme throughout literature both classic and contemporary. Often, this theme takes the form of one individual (or a small group of individuals) resisting an authority figure (or an authoritative system.) In this class, we will examine literature from a variety of genres to help us to better understand the dynamic and enlightening relationship between authority and resistance. 

HONR 2401: Honors Professional Ethics Seminar
Instructor: Dixon, Philosophy
2-2:50 MWF
UGE: Knowledge of the principles of civics or ethics on a professional, community, or global level
AS: Humanities (Philosophy)
BU: Ethics
EN: Professional Ethics
PH: Professional Ethics
Major ethical theories and their application to professions and topics that arise in the professional setting. The role of institutions in ethical theory, the nature of professions, and responsibilities to clients and the public.