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Seminars for Spring 2016-17

HONR 2261: Nonverbal Communication Seminar
Instructor: North, Communications
9am-9:50 MWF
CRN: 32035
UGE: **Correction: NOT Effective Spoken Commmunication**
UGE: Knowledge of Human Society (pending)
AS: Communication Studies
BU: Elective
EN: Gen Ed Elective
PH: Oral Communication

The multiple facets of communication that involve things other than actual words. How people communicate using the eyes, touch, the environment, time, space, color, smell and other nonverbal codes.

HONR 2401-Honors Professional Ethics Seminar
Instructor: Croskery, Philosophy
10am-10:50 MWF
CRN 32010
UGE: Civics or Ethics on Professional, Community, Global Level
AS: Humanities (Philosophy)
BU: Elective
EN: Professional Ethics
PH: Ethics
Major ethical theories and their application to professions and topics that arise in the professional setting. The role of institutions in ethical theory, the nature of professions, and responsibilities to clients and the public. 


HONR 2901 Sec 01-Special Topics-Eastern Religious Traditions.
Instructor: Wu, Religion
9:30am-10:45 TR
CRN 33180
UGE: Human Thought and Culture
AS: Humanities (Religion)
BU: Elective
EN: General Education Elective
PH: Religious/World Perspectives
This class serves as an introduction to the major religious traditions of India, China, and Japan. Over the course of the semester, we will encounter Hinduism in India and the native Confucian, Daoist (Taoist), and popular religious traditions of China, as well as explore Shinto, the folk religion of Japan. We will also examine Buddhism, which originated in India but later spread to China, Tibet, and Japan, and its relation to the history of these countries (or region). This class is a combination of lecture and discussion. Course materials will include canonical and non-canonical texts, and scholarly writings as well. All these materials will serve to inform us about beliefs, practices, and personal experiences in the cultural and historical contexts of these countries and region. In this class, we will learn something about the ways in which those who follow non-Western religious traditions view themselves and their world on their own terms. We will also investigate whether Eastern religious traditions can change our presumptions about religion and, if so, how. . 


HONR 2901 Sec 02-Special Topics-European Film
Instructor: Pölzler-Kamatali, Modern Languages
6:30pm-9:15 R
CRN: 33181
UGE: Knowledge of Principles of Aesthetics
AS: Humanities (Literature)
BU: Elective
EN: General Education Elective ed elective
PH: Aesthetics

The Honors Seminar “European Film” is designed to provide a general introduction to European cinema. Methods of instruction will include lecture, discussion, in-class and out-of-class writings, and screenings of select European films. This seminar will also offer basic theoretical approaches to the various genres of narrative cinema as well as different modes of fiction cinema, historic films and those based on true occurrences which will give students an understanding of how cinema has developed in Europe as art, technology, and social practices .