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The presiding officer helps to create and interest in ALD/PES among members and prospective members. The president should maintain good communication with officers, advisors and members and be aware or all aspects of Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma.

Vice President: Jenna Perry
The VP works closely with the president in planning and executing all chapter business. Like the president he/she should be well informed on how the organization operates so that he/she has the ability to take over the president’s duties if the president becomes unable to fulfill them.

Secretary:  Madison Snyder
The secretary handles all correspondence and keeps records clearly and accurately. The secretary also needs to be meticulously organized.

Treasurer:  Ethan Flemming
The treasurer is in charge of all of the chapter’s financial affairs. He/she needs to keep accurate records and pay all bills on time. He/she also works closely with the president to prepare the annual financial report.

Historian, Webmaster and Editor: Ryan Kelley
This officer is in charge of keeping records of all chapter activities and present them attractively and informatively. He/she is also the liaison between the chapter and the national editor. The HWE distributes information and news of the chapter to the local campus and maintains the chapter website. He/she keeps an electronic mailing list of all members and is responsible for distributing ALD's The Flame to members.

Senior Advisor: Rachael Griffith
This junior or senior member of the chapter aids the administrative and faculty advisors in the operation of the chapter.

Scholarship Committee: Konner AldridgeMorgan DoverspikeKayla Rieman
This committee is composed of five members. Their responsibility is to inform all members of ALD and PES scholarship opportunities. They review all scholarship applicants from the chapter and select a nominee to send to the national board. With this they are responsible for writing letters of endorsement for the members that they nominate for the scholarships.

Mary Drzycimski-Finn, (419) 772-2987
Patrick Croskery, (419) 772-2197