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ONU Genealogical Tips and Tools

Since its founding in 1871, numerous persons have either attended or graduated from Ohio Northern University. The materials listed here provide a starting point for researching those individuals. Printed or microfilmed items may be used within the library.

If you plan to be in the area, it is an excellent idea to phone or E-mail before coming to campus. Not all materials are readily available, and prior arrangements may be required.

Publications listed below whose location begins with HML are located in the Heterick Memorial Library.

Photocopiers and microform reader/printers are available.


University Catalogs, 1870 - (available online 1871 - current)

Until 1954 the university catalogs listed students currently enrolled. In addition to those available online, printed copies are available at the Heterick Memorial Library.

Please Note!! - In its early history the university offered many short courses for which certificates of completion rather than degrees were awarded. All students, whether or not they were enrolled in degree-granting programs, would be listed in the catalogs.

1874 - 1908 Alumni Directory (available online)
Alumni Directory - undergraduate (available in print)

Please Note!! - The undergraduate alumni directory would list students who had received degrees from Ohio Northern. Students in certificate-granting programs would be listed in the university catalogs.

Grade Ledgers - 1871 - 1908 (available on microfilm)

The ledgers indicate courses taken, grades and county and state of origin.

Grade sheets

  • 1909 – early 1930’s (available to relatives of deceased students from the library - Contact
  • Early 1930’s – present (available from the Registrar’s Office - Contact

The Northern - yearbook online; yearbook in print ; yearbook in microfilm

The Northern began publication in 1910. It is an excellent source of information on a student's extra-curricular activities. Most students have photographs, although the image quality varies.

Ohio Northern Alumnus Magazine (available in print)

1992 Law Alumni Directory (available in print)



Ada Herald - 1896 - present (available on microfilm)

The newspaper was originally begun as a university publication and was known as the University Herald between 1896 and 1916. There is no index to the Herald.

The current issue is available online.

Ada Record - 1873 - 1927 (available on microfilm)

The Record was a commercial paper with no ties to the university. There is no index to the Record.



Ada Public Library

The Ada Public Library maintains a small local history collection. Call (419) 634-5246.

Heterick Memorial Library
Heterick Memorial Library
525 South Main Street
Ada, Ohio 45810
Monday: 7:30 a.m.-Midnight
Tuesday: 7:30 a.m.-Midnight
Wednesday: 7:30 a.m.-Midnight
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