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Handbook of Compounding for Spenzers Pharmacy, Cleveland, OHIO - 1889

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This publication was started by Peter Ignatius Spenzer in May 6, 1889. The initial entries are in his hand writing, but it is obvious that there were subsequent contributors. In addition, numerous clippings were also included


The Proceedings of the American Pharmaceutical Association – 44th Annual Meeting on August 12, 1896, contains the following obituary.

Dr. P.I. Spenzer, a well known Cleveland, Ohio, druggist, died in that city of heart disease April 27, 1896. Dr. Spemnzer was born in Wurtemberg, South Germany, in 1827. At the age of fourteen he was left an orphan, and in 1854 he came to the United States. After having acquired the English language he entered upon the study of pharmacy in the botanic and eclectic drug store of Drs. Parker & Butler, of Cleveland, in 1856. He continued the study of general pharmacy with Hugo Hensch, at that time one of the ablest pharmacists in northern Ohio. In 1863 he became manager of a pharmacy, and in 1865 entered into partnership with Louis Smithnight, under the firm name of Smithnight & Spenzer, where he remained until the summer of 1869 when he embarked in business alone. He commenced the study of medicine in 1870 at the Medical Department of Wooster University, graduating in the Spring of 1873. Since that time he devoted most of his time to medicine, though he always has retained possession of the drug store at 368 Central Avenue, now managed by one of his daughters, Miss Mary H. Spenzer. Deceased was an active member of the Cleveland and Ohio State Pharmaceutical Associations. He became a member of our Association at the meeting held in Cleveland in 1872.

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