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Archival Policy - Section I

This policy is established to issue general guidelines, procedures, and suggestions for the permanent preservation of Ohio Northern University records of enduring historical and administrative value; and for achieving economy and efficiency in the creation, maintenance, use, and disposition of University records. This policy is intended first and foremost to protect the privacy of all living individuals associated with the University, as well as their immediate families. It is also intended to facilitate legitimate historical research once privacy rights are no longer operative. The guidelines established in this policy will adhere to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and its revisions.

The Ohio Northern University Archives, exists as a repository for all non-current, inactive official records of all University administrative offices and academic departments. The Archives will collect, preserve, and maintain such records regardless of format to chronicle the historical development of the University; and protect and make these records available to University offices and departments, students, and scholars to aid in research on the history of the institution and on the development of academic disciplines.

In addition to collecting, storing, and maintaining official University records, the Archives will assist with the procurement of non-official and non-University manuscript and pertinent archival collections that enhance and contribute to the University's various academic, technical, and technological areas of study and interest. It will be within the University's policy to focus collections in areas which are logical extensions of the research strengths, interests, and needs of the University faculty, and that anticipate future research needs; in fields where the Heterick Memorial Library has extensive holdings of published materials; and where there is a high ratio of use to volume and processing costs. It will not be the University's policy to directly compete with major collectors in the region.

The guidelines established for non-official and non-University records are not considered mandatory; but, instead, are formulated for consideration in the donation and acquisition of such records into the Archives.

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