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Archival Policies - Section VII

While the Archives serves as the repository for all official records of the University, it may serve as the repository of non-University manuscript and pertinent archival collections. In certain instances, subject to the approval of the President of the University, such records may be kept and maintained within specific academic departments for ongoing research use, and reviewed for safety and security by the Archivist. In no instance will official University records be kept and maintained in this manner.

All materials transferred to the Archives should be done in the order in which the creator of the records maintained them. A Transfer Form obtainable from the Archivist, briefly identifying the materials and describing the activity to which it relates, should accompany the transfer. All transfers should be arranged with the Archivist in advance of the transfer.

The lists of guidelines established in this policy are intended as general rules. If there are questions about the retention or disposal of specific records, the Archivist should be contacted or informed.

Transferring Records:

All material no longer needed in the office in which it originated will be subject for either transfer to the Archives or disposed. No items will be moved, however, until the Archives is prepared to receive it. The administrative head of the office or the chair of the academic department, in consultation with the Archivist, should establish a time and date to schedule the transfer of any records. Documents should be kept in their original folders and should be packed for transfer according to the filing system employed in the respective office. A filing list of the records should be sent with the material. The person responsible for the transfer should consult with the Archivist before assembling the material; and arrange for the Archivist or the Archivist's designee to be present when the files are packed for transfer to prevent any uncertainty when reassembling the material in the Archives.

Disposing of Records:

In like manner, the Archivist should be notified of any records not governed by federal or state laws deemed ready for disposal. The Archivist will arrange with the respective administrative head or academic chair for the disposal of the records at a mutually agreed upon time and date. All University records approved and eligible for destruction must be destroyed under confidential conditions, unless the material is widely published and accessible to the general public.

All records transferred to the Archives or disposed by consent of the Archivist should be reported to the Archives and Records Management Committee at the earliest date following action.

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