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Archival Policies - Section VI

Items likely to be of archival interest include:

1. Official records: constitutions and by-laws, minutes and proceedings, transcripts, and lists of officers and members; financial reports;

2. Office files: correspondence and memoranda (incoming and outgoing) and subject files concerning projects, activities, and functions;

3. Historical files documenting policies and decisions, committee and task force reports, and questionnaires; successful grant applications;

4. Publications: one record copy of all programs, journals, monographs, newsletters, brochures, announcements, media , posters and other ephemeral material created and issued by the association and its subdivisions;

5. Audio-Visuals: photographs and negatives, films, and sound recordings;

6. Personal papers of members which relate directly to association work;

7. Charts, maps, and other association graphics.

Items not considered significant for archival preservation include:releases

1. Records of specific financial and membership transactions;

2. Requests for publications or information after the requests have been filed;

3. All blank forms and unused printed or duplicated material;

4. All duplicate material;

5. Papers, reports, work papers and drafts which have been published;

6. Replies to questionnaires if the results are recorded and preserved in a published report.

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