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Archival Policies - Section II

The University Archives, established by administrative declaration, is a department of the Heterick Memorial Library. The University Archivist is directly responsible to the Library Director. All operational decisions for the Archives will be consistent with the policies and procedures of the Library.

The Archivist works directly with University administrative offices and academic departments to assure the on-going fulfillment of the purposes and mission of the Archives. The Archivist has discretion concerning the transfer and disposal of all official University records. Policies and procedures approved by the Administration will be followed. The archives program will follow, where appropriate and when possible, the Guidelines for College & University Archives, published by the Society of American Archivists.

There shall be a central repository where archival records and associated material will be stored and made available for research. This area shall be secure, subject to temperature and humidity control, and have a fire suppression system installed. Other repositories and areas may be utilized for the retention and use of archival collections deemed non-Official. All such areas are subject to the review of the Archivist.

The University embraces the principle of "openness" and seeks to provide maximum access to its records commensurate with the efficient operation of the University. As such, and in general, the Archives will meet reasonable requests for access to information without the need for application under the Freedom of Information Act of 1992 and its revisions. For security purposes, the granting of access to the Archives will be the responsibility of the Archivist or whomsoever is acting in the capacity of the Archivist; and in accordance with the originating or transferring agency where applicable.

It shall be the responsibility of the Archivist to formulate a standard procedure for the disposal of official University records; and to approve and witness the disposal of such records. The Archivist will record the date and time of disposal, and keep a permanent copy of the disposal list of contents. Where federal and state laws govern the disposal of records, these laws will supersede any applicable guidelines outlined in this policy. In all instances, the Archivist should be apprised of the federal and state laws governing the retention and disposal of any University records.

The President will appoint members to an Archives and Records Management Committee; which will advise on matters of archival policy and practice, and the formulation and implementation of a records management program. The Committee will periodically review the University Archives Policy and recommend amendments to the President.

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