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Current Students

Honors Program Presentations Spring 2014-15

All Presentations will be in McIntosh

Tuesday, April 28 from 3-4:30, Dean's Heritage Room

  • Jeremy Barnes, Pharmacy, supervised by Dr. Kristen Finley Sobota: “Service Learning and ASCP in the Community.”
  • Katie Deeter, Political Science, supervised by Dr. Rob Alexander: “Films of the 1980s and 1990s in Social Context.”
  • Kristen Yaeger, Nursing, supervised by Dr. Robin White: “Preventing Patient Falls: Effective Nursing Education and Interventions.”
  • Kelsey Weisenburger, Pharmacy, supervised by Prof. Deirdre Myers: “Formulation Manipulation: Discovering uses of Biotin and the Troche Dosage Form.”
  • Chris Hoffman, Computer Science, supervised by Dr. John Estell: “Minimalism in User Interface Design.”

Wednesday, April 29 from 3:30-5, Dean's Heritage Room

  • Sam Prewitt, Biology, supervised by Dr. Mircea Anghelescu and Dr. Russ Crawford: “Impacts of a Changing Society on Injury Rates in Youth Athletics.”
  • Brandea McIntyre, International Theatre Production and Spanish, supervised by Prof. Joan Robbins: “International Play Festival: A New Life to Language.”
  • Tyson Miller, International Theatre Production and History, supervised by Ms. Kathe DeVault, “International Theatre Production: A Student Perspective.”
  • Melissa Michaud, Biochemistry, supervised by Dr. Amelia Anderson-Wile: “Are the Current Anti-Anxiety Medications Effective in Young Adults?”
  • Hannah Stewart, Pharmacy, supervised by Dr. Jeff Allison: “Outreach Opportunities: Presenting to the Aging Population.”

Thursday, April 30 from 3-4:30, Dean's Heritage Room

  • Taylor Manahan, Mechanical Engineering, supervised by Dr. Jed Marquart: “Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Airplane.”
  • Brooke Marlowe, Pharmacy, supervised by Dr. Mary Ellen Hethcox: “The Pharmacy and Wellness (PAW) Review as a Developmental Tool for Students.”
  • Eric Holodnak, Mechanical Engineering, supervised by Dr. David Sawyers: “Shirley's Popcorn Dry Mix Automation.”
  • Ryan Cooperrider, Mechanical Engineering, supervised by Dr. David Sawyers: “Shirley's Popcorn Dry Mix Automation.”
  • Alex Altman, Civil Engineering, supervised by Dr. Jon Smalley: “Design of New Engineering Building.”

Saturday, May 2 from 1-2:30, Wishing Well

  • Alyssa Miller, Music Education, supervised by Dr. Denise D'Arca: “Reflection and Research on EdTPA”
  • Haley Armstrong, Pharmacy, supervised by Dr. David Kinder. “Tetraneuris ivesiana extraction with preliminary cytotoxicity and characterization of active compounds.”
  • Jessica Harris, Forensic Biology, supervised by Dr. Dennis De Luca: “A Comparison of Forensic Toxicology and Drug Chemistry Laboratories.”
  • Thomas Bowersock, Computer Science, supervised by Dr. Alexandra Coman: “Experimental Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games: Latest Developments.”