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Honors Day Convocation Faculty Processional Information



Faculty and Staff - Faculty and staff will assemble at 10:45 a.m. in the Field House, with the head of the column just inside the entrance doors to the east-west hallway leading to the Sports Center Convocation Center (north gymnasium). Persons arriving after the procession has begun to move should take places at the end of the columns. The procession will be under the direction of the Grand Marshal and University Marshals.

Platform Party - The platform party will robe in the second floor lounge in the Sports Center. Participants should arrive at 10:40 a.m. for robing and instructions. Following robing, participants will assemble under the direction of the Vice President for Academic Affairs along the main north-south corridor on the ground floor at 11 a.m.

Processional - The faculty processional will begin at 11 a.m. Faculty will process in double file entering the convocation hall at the first entranceway to the north gymnasium. Initiates and members will have been entered previously and will be standing.

The double column of faculty will divide with the left column being seated to the left of the platform and the right column processing behind the initiates' and members' seating to the chairs at the right of the platform. When faculty members are in place, the University Marshals will return to their positions at the front of the faculty sections. All remain standing as a University Marshal escorts the platform party through the doors at the front of the convocation hall.

When the platform party is in place, the banner will be hung, and the Grand Marshal and Banner Bearer will move to their respective seats. All remain standing for the invocation.

Recessional - At the close of the benediction (audience stands), the Grand Marshal and the Banner Bearer move to the podium and place the banner on its staff. They will move from the platform to their left, and President DiBiasio follows them directly. The platform party follows and at floor level, the platform party will continue in single file to the exit of the convocation hall. The faculty recess when the platform party moves past the initial row of seats.

Banner Bearer - Jed Marquart
Grand Marshal - Jon Smalley

University Marshals
Rod Anderson
Michael Rider

Cohoe Keiser
Raack Hill
Kier, K. Veltri
Anderson, R. Peterson
Woods Fenton, III
Loughlin McManus
Rouch Walter
Young, L. Boyadzhiev
Brant Marquart
Bates, C. Gray
Kinder Person
Allison Bell
Scott, R. Theisen
Aulthouse Christoff, Je.
Al-Olimat Durkin
Finn Ward, B.
Caragiu, Me. Caragiu, Mi.
Katayama Armstrong, N.
Clarke Estell
Gerber O'Melinn
Vemuru Verb
Yoder Alexander, R.
Kleine Myers, B.
Pinkney Robeson
Roecker Sheridan
Lewis, M. Frohnen
Hunt, T. Sobotka
Ewing Retterer
Savino Roepke
Christopher Johns
Wilson, M. Cullen
Casey Suniga
Bates, S. Parteleno
Swanson Eddings
Broekemeier Hofman
Croskery Hunt, D.
Rowe Jao
Keas Nutter
Pitts, J. Sabol
Fuller Robinson
Bowers De Luca
Sawyers Sen
Sheilds Rorabaugh
Schroeder, S. Stockert
Carrothers Celius
Clingerman Crawford
Kieffer Mager
Payment Sheets
Waters, S. Bauer
Dixon Kosmyna
Mahfouz North
Shen Walton
Zimmerman Rojeab
DiPietro Kanwit
Sobota Mikesell
Kamatali Kroustos
McClough Neely
Nsia-Pepra Olah
Perrine Abdel-Mohti
Hassan Riley
Zaki Zoladz
Keller, D. Anderson, B.
Ayling Potkanowicz
Boulanger Leonard
Busch Beaschler, R.
Witte Laird
Mancuso Ridenour
Simmons Wilson, K.
Schuck Durand
Garlough West
Rohan Waters, R.
White Agozzino
Miller Wilson, J.
Motz Zechman
Craker Cruea
Donley Anderson-Wile
Baril Kraynok
Dowland Fox
Musser Rahrig
Schakett Wile
Bates, B. Fleck
Kim Kutch
Liebrecht McAfee
Phillips, M. Sanford
Schroeder, N. Spiese
Hethcox Kilgallon
Kobiela LeBlanc
Moore, J. Neslund
Petersen, E. Zhang
Akyeampong Coman
D’Souza Johnson, A.
Koh Morgan
Schroeder, H. Woodfield
Ye Youssfi
Adane Connour
Davis DiBerardino
Goss McHugh
Peters Robinson, T.
Sage Tilton
Bartlett Callahan
Chrissobolis Cordi
Fanous France
Franquesa Hall
Hinson Howe
Hylton Johnstone
Kimmons Kochan
Kushner Lenzo
Lieg Neiderhiser
Powell Ryman
Wang, J. Wang, Y.
Wu Beaschler, C.
Kier, T. Osbun-Manley
Myers, D. DeVault
Mittendorf Brooks
Poelzler-Kamatali Phillips, B.
Newell Putt, S.
Commons Crozier
Johnson, P. Johnston, D.
Kidder Kramer
Rader Robbins
Kline, J. Pitts, M.
Duliba Smith, J.
Smith, A. Trudeau
Mills Hall
Deming Graytock
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