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Mentorship Program

Program Goals

Mentors help students find their place in the Dicke College of Business Administration and prepare for successful futures. The Mentoring Program eases the transition from high school to college, retains quality students through commencement, and facilitates networking and job placement. More than one-half of all jobs are filled through networking, making it necessary for students to sharpen their networking skills throughout their college careers.

Student Mentor

Freshmen in the College of Business Administration all participate in the DCBA Mentoring Program. Business college upperclassmen serve as mentors who help introduce the freshmen to the academic and social culture at ONU and the college, provide advice, and help incoming freshmen get involved in college and University activities. For more information, please contact program advisor Stephanie Scoles.

Informal Mentor

Students are assigned an advisor. Beyond that, professors often work informally with students who share an interest or have requested assistance. While these relationships develop informally, most students find a professor or two that they connect with and, as a result, will seek them out when needed.

Building and Maintaining a Relationship

Wherever possible, there should be close working relationships between the student and mentors. The mentors try to coordinate their actions to ensure the mentee receives consistent advice and counsel.