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Summer in Korea

Ohio Northern University has two very special summer programs in Seoul, South Korea.

Dankook University International Summer School & Hanyang University International Summer School

Both of these institutions allow ONU students to participate in their summer programs taught in English (no Korean language experience necessary). The cost of tuition and room and board are covered by our exchange which allows ONU students to attend at an extremely low cost. Approximation cost of participation in a four week academic program for 6 credits is approximately $2,000

Dankook University and Ohio Northern University have an exchange agreement as well as an International Friendship Pact. As part of the friendship pact, DKU awards the Dankook Award to two ONU students at commencement each year. ONU provides a similar award to DKU students. Their International Summer School Offers a great variety of courses and experiential learning opportunities. 

Hanyang University and Ohio Northern have an exchange agreement that includes the Hanyang International Summer School. Each spring semester ONU promotes the Hanyang summer program through the awarding of the Hanyang Fellowship. Each college at ONU (Arts & Sciences, Business, Pharmacy, and Engineering) award THREE fellowships each year. The fellowship also provides $750 toward the cost of airfare.  The total value of this prestigious fellowship is approximately $7,100.

About Seoul, South Korea

As Korea's capital and most populous city with 10 million residents, Seoul represents the country's center for business, education, and culture. It offers many activities and cultural sites, including museums, palaces, parks, mountains, amusement parks and shopping.  Mountains encircle Seoul with Namsan (South Mountain) springing up in the center. Although the Han River once marked the southern boundary, the city has sprawled across to the southern side with approx. 2 dozen bridges crossing it and a subway tunnel underneath.  Seoul is serviced by two main airports, Gimpo Metropolitan and Incheon International, and boasts an ultra-modern, safe and expansive subway system.  A high-tech metropolitan city, Seoul is home to well known businesses including Samsung, LG, Hyundai and Kia.  English language is highly regarded in Korea.

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