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Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-led programs are short trips abroad (less than 4-weeks) led by ONU faculty for which academic credit may or may not be received. These programs offer a great way to travel with your favorite ONU faculty and classmates. There is also a benefit to the pre-departure orientations and/or coursework you can take in the lead up to the trip overseas. 

*Financial assistance may be available for students participating in programs for which academic credit will be received. 


Summer 2018

Global Health in Ireland - May 25th- June 9th, 2018

with Christine North, Associate Professor of Communication

Spend a two-week intensive program in May in the Dingle and County Kerry region, which National Geographic once described as “the most beautiful place on Earth.” Many refer to this idyllic location as the “best of both worlds” since it provides visitors with all of the amenities of a tourist haven, but in an authentic setting with traditional Irish culture. Dingle is a place with welcoming locals and many hospitable places in which to meet them: tremendous learning resources, magnificent relics, ruins and holy places, immersive activities and opportunities to try something new, and a vast, living record of folklore, celebrations, history and authentic music and dance. For more information visit this page:


International Business and Culture in Germany - May 14th- 24th, 2018

with John Navin, Dean of Dicke College of Business Administration and professor of Economics

This 10 day, 3 city and 3 credit hour program offers company tours, automobile factory visits, cultural activities and the opportunity to interact with students and faculty at a German university. The group will visit the Hochschule in Hannover (HH), and be accompanied by HH students as we explore the cities of Berlin and Munich. The program has been designed to enhance international business understanding while immersing students in German culture. The course is taught in seminar format and students will be reviewed based on the value they add to the course. Students will be required to attend 3 to 4 pre-trip class meetings and one post-trip meeting. Course requirements include an oral presentation, personal journal, papers, and professional, responsible behavior.

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