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Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-led programs are short trips abroad (less than 4-weeks) led by ONU faculty for which academic credit may or may not be received. These programs offer a great way to travel with your favorite ONU faculty and classmates. There is also a benefit to the pre-departure orientations and/or coursework you can take in the lead up to the trip overseas. 

*Financial assistance may be available for students participating in programs for which academic credit will be received. 

Summer 2017

Community and Public Health in Cuba - May 16th-30th

with Christine North, Associate Professor of Communication

Cuba is a rich environment for the study of community, public and global health. The health care system in Cuba is considered one of the best in the world mainly due to their focus on prevention and primary care medicine--aspects of health care that are lacking in the U.S. Cuba also boasts a medical education system that values study abroad for medical residents. All medical residents are required to complete an international rotation in a marginalized community. Finally, Cuba has a medical outreach program that has served some of the worst natural disasters in history. The theme of our program is the evaluation of Cuba’s application of health care as determined by the social, economic, and political determinants of health including their system of medical education. Students will review the major determinants of health status in both the U.S. and Cuba and reflect on how they affect public health status in both countries. The primary goals of this program are for students to - gain a deep understanding of how the U.S. healthcare system is situated globally and why we face some of the health care issues we face today - create a set of recommendations for the US system based on the evaluation of the Cuban system - to gain greater insight and appreciation of their own sense of culture in an increasingly global world.

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