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Application Procedures

Before applying for any program via this website, be sure to contact the Study Abroad Office to discuss the programs and procedures.


Step 1: Apply to Study Abroad At ONU

Create an online account

Before applying to a study abroad program, every student must create an account at using your e-mail account.

The following sections will be online as part of your abroad office profile account:

  • Contact Information
  • Academic Information
  • Program Preferences
  • Current Address
  • Permanent Address
  • Emergency contact information


Find a Study Abroad Program

You can find study abroad programs through the interactive world map or search by categories.


Programs by Major

To search for a program which will offer courses in a particular major, use the Advanced Search page.

From the "Major" pull-down menu  - choose a major that is relevant to the courses you would like to take while abroad.  If you want to take course in more than one academic field (for example: Psychology and History) be sure to look at listings for both Psychology and History and find a program that will have courses in both areas.

The "Subjects" pull-down menu can only be utilized if you already choose a major and then the major has various areas listed.


Programs by Country

To search for a program by country, use the clickable world map which breaks out regions and countries and lists study abroad programs.

By selecting a world region, the map zooms in and shows the different countries in that region where there are available study abroad programs.

You can select a country either from the list on the left or by clicking on it on the map.

Selecting a country will take you to that country's description page, where you can find information about the country and the available study abroad programs on the bottom of the page.

Clicking on a specific program will take you to a program's description page where you can learn more about the study abroad program.


Apply to a Study Abroad Program

If you would like to apply to a study abroad program, you need to be logged in to your account. You can then apply by going to the interactive world map or the advanced search to find the specific program in which you are interested.

Click the "Apply" link next to the program name. This will link you to the application process for that specific program.


My Applications

This is your listing of application status. Look under the "Online Forms" column. There will be two numbers indicating "0 out of X". This indicates how many forms are related to that specific application, and how many of those forms you have filled out. Thus, you need to click on this (0 / X) link and then you will see a list of the forms you need to fill out. Click on the form name and fill in the form(s) completely.

Once you have completed the necessary form(s) for that specific program, your forms will be reviewed and you will be notified as to the next steps in the process.


Program Provider or Host Institution

After you are notified by the study abroad office that you have been "Approved" to study abroad, you will then need to click on the link to the specific program and follow the application instructions for the specific program provider or host institution. Simply clicking the "Apply" button from this website does not complete the application process. It is your responsibility to make sure you have filled out all required and relevant application and enrollment materials necessary for the program you wish to attend.


Step 2: Course Selection and Pre-Approval

The student must complete a Study Abroad Request (SAR) form indicating the following information, and submit it to the Study Abroad Office or the appropriate faculty program liaison.

  1. Institution to be attended and location of program
  2. Inclusive dates of attendance
  3. Courses of desired/planned enrollment. Students must work with their advisor/professors and consult the appropriate program catalogs and/or website and formulate a list of the best courses to take at the time they leave to study abroad.
  4. Term of return to ONU


What to do if you need to change courses

To avoid a misunderstanding, students can and should list their top alternatives to their preferred courses in case they change to a new courses 

Students taking a course or courses not listed on the “Study Abroad Request” form should contact the Study Abroad Office and the student’s advisor immediately.

Be aware that under some circumstances, particularly in the instances of direct exchange participation, final course registration may occur at the host institution. Do not panic. Upon completion of registration/course selection at the other institution the student must notify ONU (academic advisor) as to the courses of final enrollment. 

Any change in course enrollment must be reviewed by the appropriate ONU department chair/dean to determine ONU equivalency.


Step 3: Applying to the sponsored program or direct exchange host university

  1. After submission of the required forms and approval from ONU of the student’s intended program(s) of study, the Study Abroad Office will notify the student by e-mail that he or she may apply to the sponsored program or direct exchange host institution.  If the student has not received an e-mail within one week of submitting the required forms, he or she should check with the Study Abroad Office to see if all departments have reviewed and approved the application documents.
  2. Students should work closely with their academic advisor, the study abroad office and ONU program liason to prepare the required documents and/or portfolio for submission to the host institution or organization.
  3. Students must go to the program website and fill out and submit an application, and pay the application fee online or by check. Many application procedures have multiple stages in the process.
  4. Students should wait until they are accepted before making any arrangements to travel or live abroad. Applying earlier allows for a longer period of time to make arrangements after acceptance.

Please refer to the Pre-Departure Information page to get more information on what arrangements you should be making outside of application material for ONU and the program.


Step 4: Registering for ONU Overseas Courses

During the normal registration period, students must register for the appropriate OVRC course.  A list of OVRC courses should be found on the Dynamic Course Listings on the Registar's Office's website

If you can not find your program on the OVRC course listing for your intended term of study then please contact the Study Abroad Office.


Course Request and Overload Authorization Forms

In order to enroll students need to complete complete a course request form and overload authorization form. Both forms need to be signed be approved by the student's academic advisor or by the college dean's office, and submitted to the Registar's Office. You can pick this forms up at the Registar's Office or Study Abroad Office. 


Enrolling while abroad

If students will be overseas during a registration period; they must make arrangements for their academic advisor to repeat this process in order to register for her/him during that registration period.

The student should also ensure that he or she registers for classes at the appropriate registration time for the term they intend to return to ONU, coordinating with their Academic advisor when needed.

The student should work with his/her Academic Advisor to establish a tentative schedule of classes for enrollment upon return to ONU.


Step 5: Contact the Office of Financial Aid, the Controller’s Office, and the Office of Residence Life

Financial Aid

Students must fill out and return to the ONU Office of Financial Aid a Notification of Intent to Enroll for International Study form, and have a FAFSA form on file.

Students should always consult with the Office of Financial Aid to determine how their individual financial situations will affect study abroad, but the following apply to most (though, not all) students:

Students may use all federal and state financial aid for which they are eligible to pay for fees related to study abroad.

Students may also use funds from private entities to pay for fees related to study abroad, provided the entity allows this.

ONU financial aid will be reinstated once students resume study and are enrolled as full-time on the ONU campus.

For questions or problems, please contact Melanie Weaver, (419) 772-227, in the Office of Financial Aid.


Controller's Office

Students should communicate with the Controller's Office in order to understand the processing of their billing. 

Exchange Programs

Students pay ONU Tuition through the ONU Controller’s Office. Items outside of tuition will be billed directly to the student.

Sponsored Programs

Bills for a ‘program fee’ or host intuition tuition will be billed through the ONU controller’s office. Students will also be billed an additional administrative fee of $45 per semester credit taken abroad and $120 per semester abroad.

  • Please note that every program’s ‘program fee’ includes different charges. For example, housing might be excluded in the ‘program fee’ and will be charged separate from the ‘program fee.’ Fees outside the ‘program fee’ will be charge directly to the student.
  • For the purposes of the program fee only, students may disregard the “Payment Schedule” or “due date” of sponsored program catalogs or brochures

Unaffiliated Programs

All costs for an unaffiliated program will be billed directly to students. 

For ONU billing questions, please contact Shannon Hadding in the Controller’s Office, 419-772-2012.


Office Of Residence Life

Students should plan their ONU housing arrangements in advance of participation in study abroad programs during the academic year. Students who have signed a lease with Campus Village Apartments are legally required to fulfill the obligations of their lease. Students living in residence halls are not required to sign a lease, and therefore have no financial obligation for housing at ONU during the time they are participating in a semester or year abroad program. Students should also contact the ONU Office of Residence Life to make necessary arrangements for return to ONU.

Step 6: Upon completion of the program

All students participating in direct exchange programs, as well as those participating in sponsored programs must arrange for a final transcript to be sent directly from the study abroad institution to the Registrar’s Office at ONU via U.S. mail (unless explicitly stated as a service included by the program provider).

  • Grades will appear on a students' ONU transcript as a passfail, S/U scale
  • No grad below a C will count for any ONU credit.

Study Abroad immediately before Graduating:

A student on a Study Abroad program immediately preceding anticipated graduation should:

  • seek permission from their college's dean.
  • clearly note this on the ‘Study Abroad Request’ form and must complete and submit an ‘Application for Graduation’ form before leaving the ONU campus
  • The diploma and any certification of graduation will be held pending receipt and evaluation of an ‘Official Transcript’ from the Study Abroad institution.
    • There may be some delays in issuing transcripts after students have completed the study abroad program.
    • Students should check with the program provider or host institution well in advance to verify when transcripts will arrive
    • Students should coordinate with the Registrar’s Office to determine how long it will take for credit to appear on the ONU transcript.
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