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130 Years



The T.J. Smull College of Engineering is celebrating 130 years of excellence in engineering education and the 40th anniversary of the Order of the Engineer this fall. To honor this occasion, all engineering alumni were invited back for a weekend to celebrate the successes of the college and look toward the future of engineering.

Alumni returned and participated in a special open house with current faculty and students sharing lab demonstrations, renewed their Obligation of the Engineer oath (or took it for the first time), attended lectures given by alumni on topics such as entrepreneurship, nuclear power and alternative energy. The day culminated with a wonderful dinner and program featuring Dr. Bruce Burton, Dr. Jon Smalley, and Dean Eric Baumgartner and an inspiring video about ONU’s College of Engineering teaching excellence.

Graduates from the most recent class of 2011, and those as mature as graduates from 1947, made this weekend a unique opportunity for engineers through the generations to learn about the College both present and future and reminisce about years past.